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Parent Support

We greatly value the role that parents have with their child’s education. 

We understand the particular difficulties experienced by parents of children with Special Educational Needs, and through the Parent Support Group, home school contact book and regular communication we hope we can build  a strong partnership which ultimately benefits the child.

When pupils are admitted to the school parents are requested to sign our Home/School Agreement which was drawn up after consultation with Staff, Parents and Governors.

Day to day communication is through a Home/School Contact Book, which is vital to ensuring continuity and support for pupils and parents. Weekly letters inform parents about the class curriculum and other school activities.

General information is given in regular newsletters and there are termly Open Evenings with staff and other professionals working with the children.

How we report to parents

We appreciate the support that parents give to the school ensuring that we are all working together enabling your children to reach their full potential. In order to assist with this, we report to parents in the following ways:

  • Pupil Passports reflect the targets in the pupil's Education Health and Care Plan, and are discussed with parents at the Child’s Annual Review and parents evening
  • A termly newsletter is sent to all parents highlighting some activities that have happened in each class within the school.  This broadens the families understanding of the whole school community in which your child belongs.   Again it gives you the opportunity to talk about the events that are relevant to your child and their experiences away from home.
  • The ‘Annual Review’ recording sheet clearly indicates P NC levels where your child was (previous year), is now and predictive targets for the future.  The format is clear and self-explanatory.  The Review meetings allow you to discuss in detail where your child is in relation to P NC levels.
  • The Annual Reports are presented on a single A4 sheet at the end of the year.   All comments on the report are personal to your child and there are no generic statements.  
  • Parents Evening are an opportunity for you to view your child’s work, talk to their class teacher, assess the progress made and gather information which will assist you in helping your child in their education.


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