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Therapy Provison at St Nicholas

We work closely with a team of therapists to ensure that provsion is tailored as far as possible to meet the needs of individual children. Therapists work with staff, groups of children and individual children to ensure that provision needs on education Health and Care Plans are met. An important part of therapy provsion is to ensure that ALL staff are trained and supported to deliver appropriate programmes to support speech, language, OT and emotional needs throughout the curriculum, and our curriculum is designed with this in mind.  

Speech and Language Therapists

Candace Wade (2 days a week)

Christine Brooks (2 days a week)

Beth Gentry-Hobson (1 day a week)

Hannah Russell  (2 days a week)

Coralie Oddy (1 day a week)

Other Therapy provision

Occupational Therapy

Emma Cahill (1 day a week)

Juliette Kemp (OTA)

Play Therapy

Des Fuller (1 day a week)

Music Therapy 

Fraser Moyle (1 day week)

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